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The Assistant Curate writes ........

An interesting measure of our overall happiness is our answer to the question. "what would you do if you won the lottery?" I've asked myself the same question this month, mostly for the reason that virtually everything mechanical or electronic I own decided to break during the past four weeks; my phone, my car, my desktop PC and laptop are amongst the casualties. I could thus answer the question for myself along the lines of "replacing each of the above, plus a nice flat somewhere"- referring to the perennial problem of ministry that when you retire, you don't have anywhere to live. Overall, my answer suggests that I'm generally pretty content with my lot. It seems to me that the more removed our answer to the lottery question takes us from what we actually already have in our lives, the less happy we are with what we have.

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What's Inside?

easter-egg-picAs Easter draws to an end for another year I have the chance to think about what it means to young people.
Unfortunately for many, like Christmas it has become about the receiving of gifts, but in here lies a valuable lesson. Read more: What's Inside?

Something Old Something New....

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, something Blue

Now this is a phrase you’d normally associate with Weddings, but at St Andrew’s, on the 14th of Aug, we were not talking Weddings, but ‘Baptism!’

We were also talking about a first for St Andrew’s at that, for we had a ‘Full Emersion Baptism’ of two of our congregation; Adam Barrett & Paul Baker.

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