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Thoughts from St Andrews


Girls Aloud!!

Now you may be thinking, ‘What’s he got to say about this lot?’ as they no longer exist as a group, or, as far as we know never expressed anything spiritual during their time together! The fact is I’m not, it just reminded me of a story I heard, and it goes like this;

A man’s walking down the road, a cab pass’s him, in it are Girls Aloud, the cab stops, they get out, pull the man in, drive off, the rest of that afternoon they have their wicked way with this man, in their hotel! The man finally escapes, runs straight to church, straight into the confessional, where the priest is sat. ‘Bless you my child’ the priest says, before he can say another word the guy lets rip, the whole story comes out of the afternoons activities, ‘well my son’ says the priest, ‘which bit do you want to confess first?’  ‘Confess’ says the man, ‘I don’t want to confess!’, ‘then why are you telling me all this?’ reply’s the priest, ‘I’m telling everyone’ says the man, and he leaves!

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Gods Plan For You

Ps 149

Stepping into the unknown can be a real challenge. We leave the comfort and safety of what we know and become vulnerable and exposed. It can be really scary. All of us at some time experience these feelings.

As Christians we should all experience goes with the job description!

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Lets Dance

I Heard this classic track by David Bowie just the other day, hadn’t heard it, or anything of the artist form some while?

Now dancing is not something you associate with everybody, A.Widdecombe springs to mind, (who I’ve actually met) but dancing is a metaphor that applies to us all! Let me explain.

Ever found yourself feeling; that’s that sorted, box ticked, job done, smug is a good word for this moment, I did the other day, I’d finally got round to sorting out those bits, you know the ones, they don’t take you all day on their own, but together, forever!

But no sooner had I had that thought, that feeling of well being, Ahh, bless, than two other things stepped across my path, putting me back two spaces and feeling I was at the start again!

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Now the title alone should have grabbed your attention, me saying that you all, me included, (so don’t feel I’m singling you out!) all have had an STD at some point, or you may have one now should also put the hackles up, or make your finger hover over the close button?

But hopefully the more astute of you, or those who know a little about me, will be thinking, ‘Hang on a minute, I sense a trap, he’s up to something here, what’s he getting at??’

Well, let me explain, I love watching people, listening to them; in the street, on TV, at the checkout in Morrison’s, or where ever. And people say things; about the situation, themselves, others, these are STD!

An STD is; “Statements That Define”, such as; ‘Oh I don’t do that, no I’m a this, that or the other, look at them! We comment on everything, even in Church! And that comment says more about you than them, it reveals, and this is what I felt God saying to me the other morning, it reveals’ what you think of yourself in; comparison to others, how you see yourself, where you feel you are in the general order of life, the ‘pecking order’ if you would.

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