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Thoughts from St Andrews


My Name? Bond, James Bond

Now I was watching a programme the other night, not a Bond film I hasten to add, but a programme which had a certain amount of, 'Cloak & Dager' with in it, it's called 'under Cover Boss'  The gist of the show is, Head of organisation pretends to be; reporter, looking for work, making a documentary, and this gets them into all areas of the organisation they run.  It's been a great series, N Power boss was on, the head of Anne Summers too, talk about contrast!  Read more: My Name? Bond, James Bond


The word, ‘Line’: applies to, completes, so many other words, for example; draw a Line in the sand, here it refers to a limit, a point we either step over or up too. Lines on our faces, not a welcome, but inevitable in life! Lines of drugs, life lines on our hands, or so we’re told! The end of the line, here it refers to a destination reached, or the point we have had enough, a 100 lines, a form of punishment? The list in endless. Read more: Lines

You Are Beautiful

Now I know our speaker last Sunday said, ‘if you got up this morning and can see, that’s a benefit’, taken from Psalm 103:2, but those, ‘benefits’, dissipate like mist when you catch sight of yourself first thing in the morning, well mine do!

But I got to thinking about this, ‘Beauty’, we are bombarded, are we not, with; creams, treatments, perfumes, to name but a few commercials on out TV, that will enhance, nah turn back time to the days of our youth? But what if you feel ugly on the inside?

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Thank God For Jesus!

(Romans 7)


KISS, is what I am to do with this ‘Thought!’, (keep it simple sunshine), so there I am with a window of opportunity before me, space in the diary, good weather outside and my joggers & trainers in the boot of the car!

So, ‘Carpe’ Deum’ I seize the day! On with the trainers & joggers, key & phone in bag and off into the wide blue yonder I go, wonderful I recommend it.  Now I haven’t run for some months so the jaunt from St Andrew’s up to the Tardebigge pub is daunting, but best foot forward and all that!

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