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We all have them, just look about you as you read this, there will be trinkets, bits and pieces you have near you, on your key ring, in your Bible, on your desk, mantle piece, bedside cabinet, car. This list is endless, we keep these things with us, carry them about for they remind us of; people, places, experiences, times gone past.

Now what’s my point, what am I trying to get you to see?, it’s this, I was in the process, again, of changing the bedroom round, building furniture, erecting shelves etc, in the process of this work I had to move a number of articles I listed above.

It was then that it struck me just how many we have, just how long it is we’ve been doing this trophy collecting, building, why I ask?, why do we surround ourselves with them? And more importantly, why are there so few trophies relating to God, the journey we have travelled with Him, where are they? Read more: Trophies!


I’m sure we’re all familiar with the line from the cheeky chap in the show Oliver, “Please Sir, can I have some more”

Well I want to talk about the, ‘More’, not that I believe, as some do, ‘Anything you ask for in my Fathers name’ (John 11:22), is a given, or in a; ‘Prosperity Gospel’, for Isa puts pay to that sort of thinking! (Isa 55:8)

No I want to talk about the ‘More’, from a pure biblical perspective and from and for the right reason, you see I do believe Jesus when he said, ‘I have come that they might have life, and life in abundance’ (John 10:10) I don’t, as I said earlier, believe the phrase from John’s Gospel was a mandate to ask for what ever we thought we Wanted, but in fact it was a directive that showed us where to go, how to go, in and through life, a life dependent upon the Father, as his was. Read more: More!

The Line in the sand

I was struck the other day by a line from a song I was listening to on the radio, a popular song, a good song in my opinion, it’s by an artist called Nero, the line that stuck in my mind was this; ‘I guess love wasn’t enough’

In the wake of the tragic death of the 15 year old at Bromsgrove Railway station the other week, this seemed a line I needed to hear, look at, ponder and pray about.

Why wasn’t love enough? In the lyric and the life of this girl? What do people know of love, understand they are saying when they use it? Read more: The Line in the sand

Those Friends

In church recently we were talking about prayer and how important it is to keep refreshing our link back to god.
Following on from this, I was half listening to a sermon on TV which was talking about prayer and how easily it can get squeezed out, more on this in a bit.
I got to thinking about people in our lives, in particular 'those' friends. 
Most of us know people who we can classify as 'those' friends (and I suspect there's a little in each of us).
I'm thinking about the people we don't really see regularly anymore, the ones who pop in and out, but who we still care enough to help them if they need us.

Read more: Those Friends