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Lets Dance

I Heard this classic track by David Bowie just the other day, hadn’t heard it, or anything of the artist form some while?

Now dancing is not something you associate with everybody, A.Widdecombe springs to mind, (who I’ve actually met) but dancing is a metaphor that applies to us all! Let me explain.

Ever found yourself feeling; that’s that sorted, box ticked, job done, smug is a good word for this moment, I did the other day, I’d finally got round to sorting out those bits, you know the ones, they don’t take you all day on their own, but together, forever!

But no sooner had I had that thought, that feeling of well being, Ahh, bless, than two other things stepped across my path, putting me back two spaces and feeling I was at the start again!


There will never be an end to the things we need to; do, fix, learn, interact with, but there is a way to dance through them, a way to ‘step’ with them onto the next section, movement of the dance, which is your life. And that is found only by dancing with God, I normally use this phrase to challenge people about who’s in charge of their life, but I use it here in an encouraging, enabling way, here it is;

“If you’re going to dance with God, let him lead’

God wants you as a partner, he wants to hold, to lead, to show off your ability as he and you glide across the dance floor of life, but let him, as he is your father, Matt 6:26, creator, take you, and as you do, the two steps back become part of the routine, but the steps forward a waltz of delight!

So let’s dance on the stage that is life, compete, as Paul urges us to, and let us at the end, lift the trophy he has for us, 2 Tim 4:8