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Girls Aloud!!

Now you may be thinking, ‘What’s he got to say about this lot?’ as they no longer exist as a group, or, as far as we know never expressed anything spiritual during their time together! The fact is I’m not, it just reminded me of a story I heard, and it goes like this;

A man’s walking down the road, a cab pass’s him, in it are Girls Aloud, the cab stops, they get out, pull the man in, drive off, the rest of that afternoon they have their wicked way with this man, in their hotel! The man finally escapes, runs straight to church, straight into the confessional, where the priest is sat. ‘Bless you my child’ the priest says, before he can say another word the guy lets rip, the whole story comes out of the afternoons activities, ‘well my son’ says the priest, ‘which bit do you want to confess first?’  ‘Confess’ says the man, ‘I don’t want to confess!’, ‘then why are you telling me all this?’ reply’s the priest, ‘I’m telling everyone’ says the man, and he leaves!

What the story, the thought for today, which comes from the story, tells us is this, whether it’s Girls Aloud or For Crying out Loud! What is allowed to be said to us, is down to us, Let me say that again, what we allow to be said to us, is down to us

Who hasn’t been told; you’re not what we’re looking for, sorry, no not you, that would have been better if you’d have done, given, said this. The list is endless, society is a negative area of life, to be honest, we seem as a nation to thrive on the downfall of others, the accusation, criticism of one and all, nothing new there, Prov 18:8

But here’s the truth, here’s the rock upon which all can stand, the cornerstone, Matt 21:42, and here’s a bit of human wisdom

‘People can only tell you you’re no good, hopeless, if you let them’

The power is in us all, to reject the lie, to confront the comment, for in God, 2 Cor 1:20, we are wonderfully and fearfully made, Ps 139, the best he made!

So tell your story aloud, tell it proud, you’re a child of God, he loves you, created you for great things, this is a story worth telling, tell it, and don’t allow those, for what ever reason, (it’s not that they’re all bad) to say other wise, it’s down to you