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The Line in the sand

I was struck the other day by a line from a song I was listening to on the radio, a popular song, a good song in my opinion, it’s by an artist called Nero, the line that stuck in my mind was this; ‘I guess love wasn’t enough’

In the wake of the tragic death of the 15 year old at Bromsgrove Railway station the other week, this seemed a line I needed to hear, look at, ponder and pray about.

Why wasn’t love enough? In the lyric and the life of this girl? What do people know of love, understand they are saying when they use it?

Even Christians who use this word a great deal in; worship, liturgy, prayer, do they get the depth of what the word truly means, sometimes it takes a moment, an incident like the death of another to bring home the breath, depth and richness of this word.

That was certainly the experience of the Centurion at the foot of the cross in Matthew 27:54, as our Lord hung on that cross dying, for the Centurion, for the countless millions who in the centuries after his death, for you and me, who would come to know him, His love, through this moment, through this death expressed love.

But does it always have to be this way, this desperate, do we have to, as the song goes; ‘only know what we had when it’s gone?’, no would be my response, this one death, the death that ended death as we knew it, that opened the way to the Father, this one moment changes everything, for this is true love here in the death of our God.

Here is love for all mankind, what ever walk of life, background, country, culture, here is love, ‘vast as the ocean’, today as you read this; thank God for life, love, from Him, from those He’s put a round you, give thanks and rejoice, draw a line in the sand, step from the sand, the dry, the static, and give yourselves to the ocean of love He has provided.

Love is enough, live it.

God Bless

The captain.