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I’m sure we’re all familiar with the line from the cheeky chap in the show Oliver, “Please Sir, can I have some more”

Well I want to talk about the, ‘More’, not that I believe, as some do, ‘Anything you ask for in my Fathers name’ (John 11:22), is a given, or in a; ‘Prosperity Gospel’, for Isa puts pay to that sort of thinking! (Isa 55:8)

No I want to talk about the ‘More’, from a pure biblical perspective and from and for the right reason, you see I do believe Jesus when he said, ‘I have come that they might have life, and life in abundance’ (John 10:10) I don’t, as I said earlier, believe the phrase from John’s Gospel was a mandate to ask for what ever we thought we Wanted, but in fact it was a directive that showed us where to go, how to go, in and through life, a life dependent upon the Father, as his was.

But there are some issues here even at this point; the ‘More’ is elusive, yes? And I believe there’s a reason for that, and the more you read this , the more I hope you realise what I’m trying to say, because, if I’m honest, it’s something that is driving me, disrupting me at the moment, but more importantly, making me determined to finish well!(2 Tim 4:7)

It’s because of Love, for Jesus/God in the book of Revelation said, ‘Return to me your first love’ (Rev 2:20), something that had been pointed to in earlier scriptures, promoting an idea that we should, could hold this relationship in such a way, it would be everything, everyday, until eternity. (Lev 19:34, Matt 22:38)

And who hasn’t felt, to some degree, the full force of Love, those moments when; life seems to come together, all are in one place, in thinking, in one accord, and we’ve felt, said, ‘Life just doesn’t get any better than this’. I have and will go on from there to say that’s how I have felt for the last two years, or the first two years of married life, depend how you want to look at it.

Yet in the next breath, again, haven’t we seen, felt that glow dim? The moments go? Felt the gap, why I ask? Why God?

Well the answer is in the word love, in that scripture from the book of Revelation, it’s about the; returning, rendering to God, as Jesus said, (Matt 22:21), but the answer is also in the line, ‘For man this is impossible, but with God, nothing is impossible’ (Matt 19:26), it’s not that we’re rubbish at this, or unable to hold, develop, enjoy relationships, but because we live in a, ‘post Eden, pre-eternity’, moment

We sit in the middle, we feel the draft, gap in our horizontal and vertical relating, let me give you some steps to resolving this, in order that you may; return, remain in that love that God has for you, that is more often than not expressed in and through those a round you.

1. ‘Take every thought captive’ (2 Cor 10:5) As I said, it’s not that we’re rubbish at this, we live in a ‘mid-arc’ position in time, the kingdom is here, yet not in it’s fullness. And we’re not alone, the; Prince of the air, (Eph 2:2), the father of lies (John 8:44) is with us prowling round, as Peter put it. And the same approach he took at the

beginning, creating ‘Doubt & Disbelieve’ in Adam & Eve, is the same approach he’s taking with you and me, so take every thought captive, and pass it in front of the eye of God to look upon.

2. Confess, not your sins alone, but that ‘Jesus is Lord’, (Rom 10:9), speak it out, declare it, and in it you express your love of Him, but can I say, ask, when did you say, express that love, that feeling to an other? Do it, as Nike would suggest, Just Do It

3. Return, recall and let love revitalise you, restore you, for it is in loving we know love, can love, can know the ‘More’, because in love there is no ‘I’ and as we take this to heart, we set ourselves apart from that txt which describes the religious, the law makers and keepers, (1 Cor 13:1)

So go for the ‘More’ today, reach out, speak it out, this is the right way, the right time to be doing this, because it’s for Him, to Him and His kingdom, I once told inmates at HMP Hewell, ‘This is the time to give yourselves up’ As I went on to explain to them, as I do you, ‘giving it up’, which Lent is all about, is precisely what we should be doing, asking of our God & Father. And as we do, He steps forward to meet us, to embrace us, His children, His ‘First Love’

Let Love fill your hearts today, of Him, of others, there’s things we need to be doing, let’s do them and then we will know the ‘More’