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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, something Blue

Now this is a phrase you’d normally associate with Weddings, but at St Andrew’s, on the 14th of Aug, we were not talking Weddings, but ‘Baptism!’

We were also talking about a first for St Andrew’s at that, for we had a ‘Full Emersion Baptism’ of two of our congregation; Adam Barrett & Paul Baker.



Now this is no knew thing in itself, Jesus, as recorded in the scripture, Matt 3, Luke 3 & Mark 1, was seen being Baptised in the Jordon, so it is, ‘Old’ in the sense of practice for Christians. It is however, as I said, ‘New’ for us!

The Baptism pool we ‘Borrowed’ of Grace Church, a huge bit of kit, something that put Paul Norris, the Pastor of Grace Church and I through our paces, it’s a wooden construction with a ‘Blue’ Liner that fits inside it. Now for those who have struggled to get a tyre on a bike, or watched as the mechanic puts a new tyre on the car, will have seen how you have to stretch the material over the frame, so it was with this pool! But with a few chosen words and a lot of effort we got it together!

Which meant we could; celebrate with these two men, be witness’, as they ‘put down a marker’, about what they believed, in who they believed, it was a moment like that we read of in Matt 18, a moment of transference, movement, symbolically, water being the medium of change, cleansing, commitment.

The pictures capture something of the day, but it was more than that, it was a moment when, Paul & Adam, joined as one with their God, a point in their lives were that relationship, union was fused by the Spirit of God.

Our prayers continue for them, and all those present, that the relationship on earth, ratified in heaven, will produce fruit, faith & fellowship in His name